Is this the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything?

Imagine if you will a blackboard, lying flat on the floor, one metre square. Now, imagine taking a teacup of rice and holding it one metre above the very centre of the board and then slowly pouring the rice out of the cup. Now draw a diagonal line across the board and mark off in 1 centimetre lengths. Next count how many grains of rice there are in each centimetre and plot on a graph. OK, you don’t actually have to do that but I am sure you would expect that there would be few grains near the edge, building up to lots of grains in the middle and then thinning out again as you approach the other edge. In other words a graph that looks like this:

Now, instead of rice on the board, let’s think about trees in a forest and their height ranging from the smallest to the tallest. There will be one tree in that forest that is the shortest and one tree that is the tallest and the rest will fall into a pattern much like the picture. It has to be that way because that is way that things are. What about temperatures? In any one year there will be the coldest day and the hottest day with the others falling in between like the graph. Let’s take people; somewhere in the world there is the tallest person and somewhere the shortest person, the oldest person and the youngest person, the cleverest person and the dumbest person, the fastest runner and the slowest runner. The most evil, the least evil.

It seems to me that we live in a Universe that simply follows the rules of the Bell Curve and that means that there must, must always be extremes that are both positive and negative. You cannot have the kindest person in the world without there also being the most unkind person, the most generous without there being the least generous. The most heterosexual man to most homosexual man. It just has to be that way.

So what? Well just suppose that we decide that the tress which are taller than the average are a bad thing. Does the fault lie with the trees? I don’t think so, that is just the way that they are. If we then cut down the tallest all that happens is that scale moves and another tree will find itself the tallest. Let’s take good people and evil people. We decide that people who are more evil than the average are a bad thing. Does the fault lie with them? Perhaps not then, perhaps that is just the way that they are.

The point is that you cannot have the best without there also being the worst; that is just the way the Universe works.

Suppose it wasn’t that way. Let’s change the rules. All trees are the same height; all winds blow equally strongly; all people of the same age are exactly the same height, with the same colour eyes and the same shape nose and can run at the same speed. All grass is the same length; all roses the same shade of red etc.etc. Doesn’t work does it? There is no oldest person in the world because everyone dies at exactly the same age. No, it just doesn’t work.

My conclusion? Well, if it is physically impossible for us all to be the same then we must rejoice in all being different and different in every possible way. Since I have to be different, don’t ask me to look like you, to be like you, to think like you, to believe the same things that you believe because I just can’t do it. The Universe will not let me.

One response to “Is this the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything?

  1. Absolutely love this piece of writing and totally agree x

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